Welcome to Action Properties! We strive to provide mutual accountability and responsibility for the benefit of all our residents. It’s imperative that ALL our residents fully understand and acknowledge our pet and animal-related policies. This ensures we have formalized pet and animal-related policy acknowledgments and more accurate records to create greater mutual accountability.

We use a third-party service, PetScreening, to ensure all applicants understand how to adhere to the property's pet and animal policies, even if you do not have a pet or animal. All applicants should complete a Pet, No Pet, or Animal Profile.

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Pet & Animal Policy

Action Properties has a very basic pet policy. Many of our properties allow almost any pet you could imagine! We understand that a pet plays a significant part in many people's lives, so we strive to allow most animals in most of our rental properties. Please make sure to ask if the property that has caught your eye accepts pets.

Pet Screening Profiles are required for every tenant, or applicant applying for one of our properties. Pet Screening provides a risk level assessment for each pet profile which is based on the over risk of the pet. Pet Fees are based upon those Paw Score Risk Levels. Pet Screenings & Policy Affirmations can be completed by going to: ActionProperties.PetScreening.com

Service & Support Animals

All assistance animals will be screened at no cost ($0) to you to submit an accommodation request. This process provides a HIPAA compliant and secure way of submitting a reasonable accommodation request for an assistance animal (service animals, emotional support animals, companion animals, etc.) that will be reviewed by a third-party legal review team to ensure the accommodation request meets HUD’s Fair Housing Act guidelines. Please make sure you are aware of your State’s laws, if any, for submitting a fraudulent accommodation request

In the event the third party reviewer (PetScreening.com) review determines that your pet does not qualify as an assistance animal, you will be charged a one-time screening fee (ranging from $90-$300/pet) and a monthly rent (ranging from $10-$150/pet) will be charged in accordance with the Paws Score (aka risk level) provided by PetScreening.com and the schedule of fees detailed in the Pet Policy Lease Addendum. By Signing this lease you agree to be bound by these terms, and the results of the third-party review.

Regardless of prior consent, Action Properties reserves the right to have any pet removed from the property if it is determined that the pet poses a threat to the safety or condition of the property or any people in the property or the community.