Are you looking for a dedicated property manager in Silicon Valley, California?

If so, look no further than Action Properties.

Owning a rental property comes with responsibilities that can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and costly. From handling maintenance requests to collecting rent every month, you may start to feel like your to-do list is always getting longer.

We understand this! That’s why our team is here to take everything off your hands.

It is our mission to provide each and every one of our clients with the highest quality of care possible. We are a property management firm that you can trust with your investment! We understand the value of our jobs, and we do it all to the best of our ability, every time.

So, if you’re curious about how Action Properties can help your investment thrive, keep reading!


5 Reasons to Choose Action Properties

1. Avoid Losing Money Over Vacancies

Have you ever had to deal with a vacant property? When a property sits vacant, you as the property owner will be faced with lost income. This is never an ideal situation to be in!

That’s why as soon as you have a vacancy, we will work tirelessly to fill it.

Our team has a wide range of effective strategies that we implement when it comes to marketing a rental property. Using both modern and traditional techniques, we are sure to attract a wide pool of prospective tenants to your rental home.

We book in-person showings, create high-quality listings, and communicate quickly and professionally with each interested party.

When you work with us, your rental property will be filled with a qualified tenant before you know it!

2. Never Deal With a Problem Tenant Again

Having a problem tenant in one of your rental properties can cause a long list of problems for you and your business. A problem tenant is a tenant who fails to abide by the terms of the lease.

That’s why our team is thorough with our tenant screening process.


When we screen prospective tenants, we are sure to run extensive credit and background checks. We also verify their employment to ensure that they are able to pay their rent every month. Our mission is to always place high quality and reliable tenants who will treat your property like it is their own!

3. Stop Chasing After Rent

Are you tired of having to chase after your rent payments every month? With us, you won’t have to!

Our team is dedicated to making sure that you always receive your rent payments on time, in full, every month.

Designed for convenience, our online portal allows your tenants to make their rent payments from anywhere. This increases the chances of timely rent payments. We also offer multiple forms of payment for your tenants to choose from.

After all of your tenants have paid their rent, we will promptly deposit the funds into your account.

Collecting rent has never been easier!

4. Save Time, Money, and Energy on Maintenance and Repairs

When it comes to owning a rental property, one of the biggest responsibilities that you are faced with is maintaining the condition of your property.

Whether you need to repair broken appliances, deal with pest issues or upkeep the yard, maintenance and repairs take time and energy.

If you no longer want to deal with this responsibility, we can help.


At Action Properties, we care about the condition of your property, and we make it a priority to keep your home in its top shape.

Our team does frequent on-site inspections in order to ensure that each and every problem that may be present on the property is dealt with as soon as possible. By making small and frequent repairs, we can prevent small problems from growing into larger and more expensive ones.

Worried about over paying for repairs and renovations? With us, that will never be a problem. We have a strong team of local contractors who give you the best price.

5. Say Goodbye to Hours of Paperwork and Bookkeeping

Are you tired of spending hours of your time sorting through paperwork and trying to organize your finances? At Action Properties, we will take it off your hands.

You can always trust our team to handle your finances with meticulous organization. When you work with us, you will gain access to our online portal. On here, you will be able to see any documents or financial information that you may need to stay up to date on all things related to your rental property.


The best part is, you can do this from anywhere, at any time!

Keep up with the status of maintenance requests, expense reports, property inspection reports, income records, and more. Everything will always be in one convenient place for you to view at any time. This means that you can finally say goodbye to the many hours spent sorting through paperwork, and spend that time doing what you love!

About Action Properties

For over 40 years, Action Properties has been helping rental property owners succeed.

Located in Downtown Mountain View, we proudly serve Mountain View and our surrounding areas including Palo Alto, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, San Jose and more.

Here at Action Properties, we specialize in single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and multi-family complexes. Our expertise ranges from managing properties to selling and buying them! We can truly do it all.

So, if you’re looking for a property management company that you can trust, contact us today.