At times, new landlords can mistakenly think that having a great rental property is all it takes to have potential renters knocking down their doors. However, the reality is that you have to be dedicated to marketing your rental property. No product or service sells itself without effective advertising. That’s why learning how to market your Silicon Valley rental property is crucial!

Landlords shouldn’t worry if they have limited experience in advertising. All they need to learn is a few key tips that they’ll be able to master in no time. Knowing how to create and execute a rental ad will help you find the perfect renters that help you earn consistent returns for your real estate investment.

Why Is Effective Advertising Important?

Even if you’ve been able to rent out your Silicon Valley property to some great, long-term tenants for many years, the nature of a rental property means you’ll be faced with a vacancy eventually. And you’ll want to rent it out to some new, qualified tenants as soon as possible.

To succeed in finding a great renter, you need to act quickly and begin the marketing process as soon as you know your current tenants will be leaving the property. A vacant property can be expensive to maintain, plus you’re losing out on potential income.

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Successfully advertising your Silicon Valley rental property means you’ll end up with a wide pool of potential tenants to rent to. After the application and tenant screening process, you’ll end up with an awesome tenant who pays their rent on time and respects the property.

Responsible renters mean you can sleep better at night knowing that your rental unit is in good hands and you’ll only need to attend to property damages resulting from normal wear and tear.

Here are tips you can follow when advertising your Silicon Valley rental property:

Prioritize Great Photography

When you’re advertising your property, you want to make sure that you include high-quality photos and video tours in your listings. Great photos make it easy to showcase the best features of your property and allow tenants to picture themselves living there. Make sure your photos are in focus and in the right resolution.


Before you start taking photos, clean and stage your property. You want to make sure that the property is enough of a blank slate for tenants to picture themselves living there. Details matter, so make sure to dust the corners, close the toilet lids, and wipe down ceiling fans and windowsills.

You can either choose to stage with furniture or leave the property empty. Whatever concept you plan, the important thing is to make your property seem irresistible, so tenants will want to make it their home.

Living room with a white couch


A lot of photographers prefer using natural light when possible. Natural light, specifically during golden hour provides beautiful and clear images. If you can’t take photographs during the day or the weather isn’t cooperating, use the overhead lights in the property.

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer or invest in expensive equipment, you just need good lighting, a clean property, and a little time!

Create Solid Ad Copy

Great photos should be accompanied by the right words that make the ad stand out from the competition. You might want to consider using keywords when posting your ad online, since this can help you get more views from residents looking for a property just like yours.

The copy is divided into two parts:

1. Headline

Writing an effective headline is a skill. You can follow a tried-and-tested formula to help you create a successful Silicon Valley rental property ad.

Rent price + No. of bedrooms + No. of bathrooms + Property type + Location + Best feature

2. Property Description

The next thing to focus on after writing a headline is how to properly describe your Silicon Valley rental property. You can pique a reader’s interest by writing an engaging description of what it’s like to live in your rental.

Talk about the property features in detail, including the best amenities you provide. Your description should also include any important policies you have for the property, like whether or not you allow pets.

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Decide which Advertising Platforms to Use

Once you have a listing complete with a great description and photos, you need to decide where you’re going to distribute your ad. What are the most popular listing sites to capture a wide audience? What other types of marketing outside of the digital sphere should you consider?

Your objective is to reach a wide number of potential tenants, so plan to advertise offline, too. Distribute flyers in busy areas, put up signs in front of the property, and even put ads in local papers or magazines.

Even after putting up ads for your Silicon Valley rental property, you still need to monitor the results. This way, you’ll know if you need to adjust your marketing strategies, and learn what works and what doesn’t.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a reliable property manager to support your marketing efforts, contact Action Properties today! We’re a full-service property management company serving Silicon Valley.

On top of marketing, we also take care of tenant screening, maintenance, rent collection, lease creation, and more. Let us be your rental property partner!